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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 3 Notes y Humans are the most complex organisms y Severity and duration is what it is classified by y Acute is severe but short y Pathogen causes diseasey WBC used to fight diseasey Evolve over time Primary function is to produce thrive and spread quickly Make genetic changes that ensure their survival y Endothelium under the skin y Support body and bones y Bone is dynamic constantly reforming and regenerationy Around 30 you have reached bone peak mass Bone is constantly rebuilding y Build strength in your bone when exercise and you also build muscley Voluntary skeletal y Involuntary cardiacsmoothy Smooth after chewing you dont need to move your food for it to go down your system y Highest when you come home and you feel tiredy Over 600 muscles in muscular system Make up more than half of your weight Skin makes up 15 of weight y Midterm Questions similar to these y What term can be used to describe the study of the processes of an organism Physiology y Which types of muscles contract involuntarily Cardiac and smooth
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