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Lecture 5

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 5 Notes y BMR basal metabolic rate y Women y 655435weight in lbs47ht in inches47 age y Womens functions were seen as problems and subject to medical intervention Women arent the same as men and homogenous within the subject of women theres SES age race etc separating women y Lung cancer is the killer for women not breast cancer y Wide range in terms of stats y Half of women over 18 have one incident of sexual or physical assault 29 of these were assaulted by partner and disabled women are almost 2x more likely to be abused y Prior to 1950 very little publicity and people didnt report ity Most partner violence is directed at women and the hands of men Domestic violence occurs among people that know each othery Urban areas or high levels of incomeeducation which are both correlated y 20 years difference in life expectancies of women between rich and poor countries y Poor maternal care dying after giving birth etc were reasons women had thlow mortality rates before mid 19 century y Difference between living a long life and living a health life y W
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