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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 6 Notes y Since 1960s child death has been cut by half globally y Get rid of mosquitoes so they dont hatch Prevent them using tents Having soap and water to get rid of germs and use towels and hand sanitizer These can be helpful to prevent diarrheal diseases These things arent costly like drugs Installing toilets can be costly Having access to nets using a condom washing hands arent costly y Breastfeeding If you dont breastfeed you use formula which you need to mix with water and if you dont have access to clean water you are putting the child at risk y Overcrowding Leads to disease spreading y Sometimes access to treatment is categorized by age gender etc so the people that really need help may not be getting it y North America is doing well in terms of mortality rates y Already in Canada a place with low birth rate there is critique that is should be lower y Risk factor with older mother 35 and children having down syndromey Risk factors for low birth weight Mothers 20 carrying twins exposure to second hand smoke smoking y Not surprising that Japan has a low birth weight rate because Japanese are normally small made y Large variation in territory and this is because they are a small population y Low birth weight is a risk factor for a number of conditions y Dont want to put babies at risk for low birth weight if you can fix this issue Example smoking y Not sitting down and eating at the table y Biological factors parents who are obese y Environmental factors obese person raised in family with good eating habits y Brain and spinal cord developed y 5 weeks heart developed y 9 weeks skeleton developed y 10 weeks almost all organs y 15 weeks sex of baby can be identified baby can hear fingers can move and grasp things thumb sucking something y 20 weeks placenta is fully formed y 24 weeks where we see probability go to 1 range starts to go up y 28 weeks eyes are formed y Lungs develops slower in boys than girls Not fully developed even after 28 weeks y 35 weeks hearing is fully developed y 38 weeks baby is ready to hatch not premature if born then y 40 weeks full term y Inner forces outside your awareness that direct your behavior
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