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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 11 Notes y Promote Aryan race blonde hair blue eyes y Starve malnourished person and put them in the cold to see what could be done to make them survive Did this to test incase it happened to their troops not to save the Jews They would execute the Jew after They were used in the experiment y Did sterilization technique without the individual knowing y Indirect ways Make them fill out a paper and expose them to radiation without them knowing y Direct Needles y Twin seeing a person in one state and then another y Most of these were documented Some people survived and told the story of what happened y Teacher wont get in trouble if actor gets heart conditions etc and experimenter would be responsible which kept the teacher to keep giving shocks y Men were of low status jobs and almost illiterate Thought they would be obedient and not question the study and know knowledge outside the study Many considered themselves to be lucky to be in a university study and get care and help and more doctor visits than they normally would get These groups didnt know about penicillin when it become used in 1942 to cure You think the study would have stopped when a cure came but the study kept going on
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