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Health Studies
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Great variation in health Begin with health Midterm and final 30% and final 34% Midterm oct.16 final December September 25 - assignment in class Register I clicker – use utorid – not student number Reports for reading – 2 reports intro to course Social inequality and health World sys. Pervasive economic sys. – capitalist world economy Midterm – October 16 th TBAIDS – syndemical diseases bec of social problems Inequality in children – significant bec they become adult – compromised adults I future. – good indicator of society’s health Ethics human rights and health The epidemiological triad Host, pathogen environment Circle at bottom focus of course Social cultural env. Influences in health and how it works together not just age sex genetics What you choose to do = lifestyle Social live in. Living conditions Government level- macro larger sphere of influence Access to health Do we have quality health care and do we have access to it. How they view countries globally Capitalist sys. In that economy diff. role and influence West – core essential to functioning of economy Europe U.S. Australia Semi – Periphery – booming country how of world can play a
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