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Lecture 11

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 11 – HLTB03 Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) is unconventional (unlike allopathic medicine). It is the alternative form that we turn to only when the main forms of medicine don’t work. It is used in conjunction with allopathic medicine but it is a broad and dynamic field that is always evolving and changing. - We can think of it as a holistic form of health care. CAM sometimes arises out of a philosophy of holism that sees all parts of the universe and all parts within an individual to be interdependent. There is a connection b/w physical body, mental body (body, mind, soul, energy) - Naturopathic medicine: System of primary care that uses natural methods & has goal of trying to stimulate body`s inherent self-healing processes. This is different from allopathic medicine. Study done found that 73% of Canadians had used some form of complementary medicine. o People see naturopathic doctors for many different reasons: sports medicine, cancer care, women’s health, men`s health, pain, stress, pediatric care, etc. BUT WHAT IS MISSING? *Surgery: This is something that a doctor will not be able to help you with. o Naturopathic guiding principles  Do Not Harm (this is the first rule) : This is the only rule which is the same for allopathic doctors, but the rest are different from what allopathic doctors do  The Healing Power of Nature  Identify and Treat the Cause  Treat the Whole Person  Doctor as Teacher  Disease Prevention and Health Promotion *When we go to visit a doctor, we only spend max 15-20mins with them, but with naturopathic doctors, we spend 1hour on the first visit and then around half an hour for every follow up appointment. They also go into more detail with regards to your lifestyle and all aspects of the body - Other naturopathic medicine includes botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling, nutrition, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and homeopathy. Since no 2 people are alike so it doesn’t make sense to make generalizations therefore a couple of different things are used before the best fit is chosen for you - Different forms of naturopathic medicine: o Botanical medicine/herbalism: works with the healing power of nature and is commonly known as Herbs.  Echinacea: an antimicrobial, anticatarrhal, used to treat things like colds and URTI. Now it works as shortening the duration of such problems  Goldenseal: mucous membrane. Used to treat skin conditions and other inflammation problems  Ginger: diaphoretic, carminative, anti-nausea, anti-microbial. It can also be helpful for warming you up. Eating ginger can warm your body temperature. o Herbs and other botanical medicines can decrease the efficacy of other medicines/drugs so it is important to look into it before you take the pills, especially if you are pregnant. - Lifestyle counselling: In naturopathic medicine, this is an important part of the treatment. Medical doctors don’t have as much time to do these things. People know when their doctor is really listening so listening is a big factor. This also includes trust and other things. - Nutrition: we are what we eat. “Meat causes phlegm, fish brings you heat, green veggies and tofu keep you upbeat” o Whole food diet is best: This is like an apple, as opposed to an apple sauce, or natural rice opposed to bread. So processed foods are not best o Naturopathic doctors use as an important element, how you feel and you relate to what
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