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Chapter 12, 13, 14

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 12 - Womens Lives, Womens Health The present patterns of longer life expectancy for women emerged at the end of th th the 19 century and only in developed countries (before 19 century, women suffered from excess mortality due to harsher lives and factors such as poor maternal care) Social and health advantages have no accrued to all women, as women are not a homogenous group In 1996 total life expectancy was 78.6 years81.4 for females and 75.7 for males, however, the difference between sexes is narrowing In Canada, northern and isolated communities and those with low incomes have the lowest life expectancies Women living in poor, less industrialized countries have lower life expectancies than men in those countries The difference in life expectancies between women in rich and poor countries (in some cases) are 20 years or more Racial, ethnic, and class differences among women in advanced countries produce subgroup variations in life expectancy In 1996 the life expectancy for First Nations was 76.6 - women and 68.9 - men Women report more illness than men and there is some variation in mortality and causes of death The major causes of death for both men and women are cardiovascular diseases and cance
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