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Lecture 20

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Health Studies
Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 20: • After Darwin creating the concept of survival of the fittest, lead to the discovery of genetics • It was thought that people were designed to be this person since birth because of genetics. Maybe our genetics control everything about us • Psychologist believe that you will change based on the functions you experience in life. • Scientists wanted to measure things objectively and not subjectively. • Objectively: Measuring something, without you interpreting • Stimulus: Something you can see and directly measure. You can objectify and quantify • Behaviourist: Being able to scientifically measure. • Subjectively: Referring to mental process. • How did our behaviours get as complicated as they are in respect to stimuli • Behaviourist believe: behaviour complexity emerges as a function of learning • There are pre-existing links between stimuli and responses that are genetic and modified. • For example babies are learned to root and suck (breast feeding) • Stimuli’s: Something coming at you. Response: Protecting yourself. • Anything that we feel that is a sense of danger, our parasympathetic
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