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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 WINTER 2013 Tutorial # 1 – January 28 , 2013h Tutorial Administration - Attendance is marked whether or not you attend - Participation is marked on how actively you participate in the discussion whether it is with your group members or with Christine the T.A. o If you miss a tutorial class, you can submit in lieu 5 multiple choice questions for that week’s material (YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL THE TIME) o In addition, to act as a buffer for your participation and evaluation, you can submit up to 5 questions (preferably MC) to Christine to help you get a higher mark  If you were at a 8 for participation but you did all the 5 MC through the semester, you can get that bumped up to 9 or even 10 (extra credit almost) Class Material – Things to Pay Attention to in the readings - Concept of health status as it relates to quality of life - The different definitions of what is health services research (know what the PHAC, the textbook and the Lohr&Steinwachs) should be known and what is similar between them - The appropriateness or inappropriateness of certain health outcomes – why or why not? - Different models of health (economical, biopsychosocial, biomedical, psychological etc) Class Material
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