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Lecture 5

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Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 Lecture 5 Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:10 PM Cue Column: Note-TakingArea: Sciencein HealthResearch What is Science? Analytical methods • • Process of learning to learn nature of things ○ Generalize ○ Materialistic world • Constantly develops as knowledge accumulating • Doubt w/out adequate proof • Build facts and proof Scientific method • Experiment • Build observations ○ And looks at cause& effect • Systematic ○ Has to be reproducible  Others must come up with same results • Short history ○ Done systematically ○ Preliminary knowledge of how ppl used science in health research  Papyrus, 1600BC,Edward Smith  Talks about trauma surgeries  Simple human anatomy ○ InductiveReasoning  Draw conclusions  Democritus □ Founder of atomic theory  All matter made of atoms, constantly moving etc. ○ Aristotle 320BC  Subdivide knowledge □ Starting point of multidisciplinary □ Aristotle scientific method  Noted historical thinkers ○ Euclid's elements 300BC  13 booksby Greeks  Geometry as system of theorems ○ 200BC first catalogued library  ***Royal Lib of Alexandria  Papyrus collections ○ Through 12 cent  Controlled experiments etc. □ Things we are familiar with
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