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Lecture 5

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Health Studies
Lianne Tripp

Lecture 5 – HLTB15 - Incidence rate is over disease free person years. - Person-years are the total number of grey bars for disease free. - Standard Mortality ratio = Observed number of deaths per year/ expected number of deaths per year (expressed as a percent!) - Cause-specific mortality = number of deaths due to a particular disease / population at risk (always whole population at risk) x 100 - Case-fatality = number of deaths due to particular disease / number of illness associated with particular disease X 100 Age Standardization - Age standardization is an important predictor of mortality. - With age comes higher prevalence with neurological disorders. - Direct age adjustment: applying the rates of the population to a standard population  You need to have a standard population for a reference point (data sets that have been compiled for specific age cohorts).  Yields the number of cases that would be expected if the age-specific rates in the standard population were true for the study period.  (Equation) Direct Age Adjustment = total number of expected numbers of deaths / population by the population at risk for the standard population (population of specific age group you are looking at) - We can use age standardization for mortality, incidence, and prevalence. - Another way of standardizing is adding BOTH populations. - Direct Method of Age Standardization  (PROBABLY WON’T BE ON THE EXAM… TOO HARD) Expected deaths = age specific death rates per age category X standard population (both populations together)  (PROBABLY W
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