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Health Studies
Lianne Tripp

Lecture 2 Ethology = cause Biomedical model ● healthy is the absence of disease ● diseases are generated by specific etiological agents ● leads to changes in the body’s structure and function ● premise is that “body is machine” H1N1 ● step before spanish influenza in 1819 ● most targeted with 20s, 30s, and early 40s Rene Descartes ● body and mine are separate; can interact, but are not in the same space. ● “I think therefore I am” Issues w/ Biomedical model 1. limited focus on body and technology 2. ignores personal and social contexts (well-being is affected by social contexts) 3. unable to define a cause Systems (new) model ● centered around “ill person” ● assumptions: 1. people are influenced by personal contexts and choice 2. people interact among the social and physical contexts 3. model is used in rehabilitation programmes “The social model of health” ● considered to be a broad working model ● distinguish between medical concept of disease and the subjective feelings of the disease ● illness is absent of biomedical indicators ● can have disease w/ biomedical indicators without feeling sick ● can feel ill without biomedical indicators indicating it to be a disease - 60+ pu
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