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Lecture 2

HLTA10 Lecture 2 & Tutorial 1 Discussion Questions -- A Multidisciplinary Approach

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA10 Jan 16 2012 Lecture 2 Health Studies A MultiDisciplinary Approach Definitions Research systematic and rigorous processstepbystep way of undertaking research very thorough analysis and validity Health Research determinants of health and what factors influence individual and population healthComponents of Health ResearchHealth systemso Health systems research focuses on examining the effectiveness and efficiency of the health system on any level of a population socialeconomical o Improves demographics of health Health serviceso Research related to practitioners and service providers that lead to better health outcomes Health Technologyo Any health care interventions that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health for example xrays MRIs etc o Help prevent diseasesAll these categories are overlapping from time to time Comparative Spending in Health ResearchBig business and competitiveMore spending in USA UK and Australia than in CanadaOn average we are underfunded in Canada Aetiology cause of diseases based on a biomedical point of view in research Common ThemeMultidisciplinary focus all disciplines are considered factors in the contribution to health research o Socioeconomic status o Behavioural modificationpsychology o Sociologyfamily and social interactions o Anthropologycultural norms o Geographymedical geography urbanization special differences in health care o Educationhealth promotion and education
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