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Lecture 5: Social Factors, Health and Illness

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA10 Lecture 5 Feb 6 2012 Social Factors Health and IllnessSocial Factors and Health o Social class arranging people into hierarchies based on economic status laborers vs CEOso Socioeconomic factors income cutoff levels educational status definite point of an individual o How are they classifiedAggreagation of labor level of education wealthmoney size of home number of owned carsClassifying socioeconomic factors is not as clearcut due to other factors such as maternity leave retirement etcPerspectives on Social variations and health o Social Causation hypothesis factors associated with socioeconomic status influence health such as how much money you have how big your home is etc o The lowest socioeconomic percentile also have the poorest physical and mental health higher SES resulted in higher SAT scores o Selection hypothesis there are other factors ex family health history that determine where an in
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