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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Social classarrangements of people in society as economic groups Socioeconomic statussocietal status using factors or measurements such as income levels Social causation hypothesisfactors associated with socioeconomic status influence health Selection hypothesis life course perspective Crisis theoryhomeostasis and equilibriumRelates to the impact of disruption on the individual has been applied to coping abilities The theory holds that individuals strive towards homeostasis and equilibrium in their adjustment and therefore crises are self limiting CopingSocial psychological and personality characteristics Social supportcomfortSocial capitalcommunity levelSelf efficacyrelated to selfesteem internal control The cognitive and behavioral efforts to manage the internal and external demands of the stressful situation Coping is one hypothesized mediating factor in the link between stress and illness and can be a moderating variableLabelling and Social StigmaSense of powerlessnessDepersonalisationsocial stigma social reaction which leads to a spoilt identity and labellingSocial interactionism versus symbolic interactionism Health Related BehaviorSick role behaviourIllness behaviourHealth behaviour
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