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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 9 Data Analysis QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS Goal: reveal patterns or themes Different strategies with basic commonalities How to determine what is important and how to formulate analytical conclusions? Analysis and observation are interwoven! First step: organization and processing of notes Main Procedures Back and forth alternation between coding and interpretation Two core procedures Coding development of concepts and categories Memoing refers to the writing of notes and commentaries Thematic Analysis Coding Classification of phenomena Open coding: - making sense of the mass of qualitative data - identify as many ideas and themes as possible Constant comparative method - comparing each piece of data with codes and notes already identified Opening up lines of inquiry! Expertise Quality of the coding impacts the quality of theories From Coding to Categories Identification and naming of categories - quality of healthcare or waiting time Sub-categories - pain management or remission time - Contextual conditions - Properties - Interactions - Strategies and tactics - Actions - Consequences of actions - Naming is important loaded with previous meanings e.g. noisy, noise and loud have a different impact on thoughts Categorization using AxialFocused Coding How are these themes useful? How are they related? Search for interactions and strategies
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