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Health Studies
Steve Joordens

Lecture 21: • Classical Conditioning: Works around association. One stimulus predicting the occurrence of the second. Eventually you will begin behave towards he first one, like how you would typically behave for the second one. We are building new stimulus upon other stimulus. • Operant Conditioning: An animal behaves in a certain way, will result in the some sort of consequences. Therefore changing his behaviour. • Edward Thorndike (cat/puzzle box): If you are in some sort of situation, and you create a positive consequence, you will do this positive consequence more often. • If a certain permutation produces an advantage, that permutation will remain. • Skinner: believed consciousness being epiphenomenal. When we come to determining our behaviour, consciousness did not matter. Behaviour was judged upon your previous experiences (rewards and punishments) • Cumulative recorder: Counting the total cumulative responses over time. An increasing graph. • Within a context, the organism will experience conse
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