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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

1 HLTA01 Lecture 10Origins of the influenza disease is unknownBeen reported by Hippocrates recorded the pandemic in the year 412 BCSince 1580 there have been 31 additional flu pandemic recorded Spanish Flu 19181919 o Named like this because there was no censorship about the epidemic of Spain o Approximately 50M deaths worldwide in less than 2 years o Many deaths in US mostly in NY City o Sudden impacted the younger population compared to older population o The entry of the disease was the nasal pathway and in some countries people were fined if they didnt wear the masko H1N1 strainSymptoms o Fever chills headache weakness and fatigue as well as coughing sneezing runny nose coryza o Residual cough and tiredness lasts up to 6 weeks o Complication can include ear infections pneumonia dehydration and deathEthiology o 3 types of influenza virus Influenza virus A more virulent B and X o Influenza A and C infect multiple species while B almost exclusively infects humans o A has 8 genes o New and virulent flu strains are produced mainly from the effects of two surface proteins1 Hemagglu
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