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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Leprasay has an incubation period from 3-5 years HLTA031H3 : Plagues and People Tuesday, May 24 2011 Transmitted via droplets from nose during frequent contact ; it is not highly infectious ; low pathengencity. Lecture TWO Genetic Suscpetibility Mainly affects the skin , nerves , and mucuous membranes ; deformation of nose . *all video segments are testable material. Peaked around 2001 , and its on the decline for the past Leprosy is also know as hansens disease two years. Were stable and we know how to treat it well . History : Numbers are very close 22-27 per 100,000 cases in brazil, areas in south east asia , and some areas in Africa. Recorded throughout history , very old , documented in AFRICA : CONGO TANZANIA ANGOLA : area for several for different civilizations concern by WHO. Egpytian Papyrus (1550) BC RISK : Indian Writings (600) BC Anybody is at leprosy ; all races all around the world. Most Alexander the Great returned from India common in warm, wet areas , 10-14 , and 35-44 (more NO REAL ORIGIN : come plausibly from the far East. susceptible) rare in infants. (1500s BC) CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS : 836-837 Mentioned in Christian bible. Shows up in different forms , or it gets worse , or better : Disease of soul, and misinterpreted by people; lepers were range of factors. Depends on Immune System ; males are shunned by society. Situations: special clothing more effected. (EUROPE) , had to have a bell (notify of arrival) , had to live in colonies. Straught to post and burned alive, some INDETERMINATE (IL) : earliest and mildest , usually few people were burnt alive. SPECIAL HOUSES
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