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Lecture 4

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

TB CAN BE CURED 1845 DR BREHMER : TB IS HLTA031H3 : Plagues and People CURABLE : rest , good nutrition , fresh air Tuesday, June 7 LUXURY SANTORIUM : DAVOS , Lecture FOUR SWITZERLAND (1854) Jean-Antoine Villemin specific microorganism as cause. Tuberculosis- White Plague (1882) = Dr. Robert Loch : mycobacterium tb . History : developed the tuberculin test. (first skin test ) TB present since antiquitiy (1895) Wilhelm Konrad Von Rontgen- use of radiation for TB in lungs ( still used) Egypitian mummies (2400 BC) ETIOLOGY : Phthisis or consumption Agent : Tubercle bacillus germ mycrobacterium Hippocrates: 460 BC: pulmonary due to evil air , not as tb , an acid-fast bacillus. contagious 3 main types : Type 1 in India ; less virulent , Aristotel : 384-322 BC : bad and heavy breath. Type a : Africa , China , Japan , Europpe , N TB documented : Egypt, India , China America , Type B : Exclusively Europe , North America Typical skeletal abnormalities. (POTTS DEFORMITY) Forms of Tb : Bovine types can effect human ; if TB Limited to animals , until our lifestyle change. there digested through milk ; before pasturation of milk and cheese. BOVINE MAY LEAD TO TB . Tuberculosis pathogen : more epidemic in humans is related to the host population , and changes tha
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