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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 notes

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

June 7, 2011 Lecture 04- Tuberculosis Midterm Exam : July11 (5-7) o On Lectures 1-6 Tuberculosis is also known as White Plague o History related to medical breakthrough, theatrical performance, etc. History: o Tb present since antiquity o Evidence of TB in Egyptian mummies (2400BC) Showed tubercular decay o Tuberculosis had other names Phthisis or comsumption-Homer 800BC o 460BC- Hippocrates: disease was due to evil air but did not consider it contagious; also said that it was prevalent o Aristotle (384-322BC) suggested that TB may be due to bad and heavy breath o TB documented in Egypt, India and China as earlu as 5000, 3300 and 2300 years respectively o Typical skeletal abnormalities Putts form of tuberculosis o TB can be in many forms: Putts: in skeleton Pulmonary form of tuberculosis: Lungs Lubris Bulgari: skin Scoffula: Inflammation in lymph nodes o TB limited to claims of royal supernatural powers during the Middle ages (AD 500-1500) Claimed that they had the ability to heal tuberculosis, especially the ones that were related to the lymph nodes) In England known as the Kings Evil or the Royal Touching
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