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Plagues Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter Two: Plagues, The Price of Being Sedentary Becoming Human, Becoming Parasitized - A change in environment in the past (from trees to the ground place), freed them from some disease but allowed for the acquisition of new ones o i.e. from ground bugs biting them - Climate change and technolocal advancements (tool making) – new infections o Domesticating animals - Zoonoses – animal infections transmitted to humans - When populations emigrated Africa – the vectors (mosquitoes, flies that transmit disease) stayed in Africa o Even today there are diseases that remain in Africa - Tool making and tool use made hunting possible – further increasing size of population - Hunter-gatherers were forced to roam over large distances and lived in small populations – did not come into exposure with parasites that much o Relatively healthy The Road to Plagues: More Humans, More Disease - Thomas Malthus A population that is unchecked increases in geometric fashion o There are factors that will eventually bring population growth to a halt o If population goes unchecked – lead to starvation, disease and war - Two kinds of check to set the upper limit external or environmental factors and self- regulated factors The Effect of Agriculture - Change from hunting and gathering to farming has been termed agricultural revolution www.notesolut
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