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Sandy Romain

HLTA01 Syphilis/ HIV/AIDS 12/02/2013 8:27:00 PM Education, Religion, Fear, Scapegoating Infection most Lack of apparent in Treatment, marginalized Hiding groups Progression Transmission History  Often confused with gonorrhea until early 1800s  Origin of the term “syphilis” o From Girolamo Fracastoro  wrote the theory of contingency o 1530 epidemic “Syphilis sive morbus gallicus” o Shepherd boy named Syphilis who offended God and was punished with terrible disease o AKA French disease  Origins o Columbian Theory  Brought back to Europe from Americas by Columbus  Written record  Skeletal remains in the Americas pre-Columbus  Pattern of spread of the disease o Pre-Columbian Theory  Existed in Europe prior to Columbus’ voyage to Americas  Archeological evidence of syphilis in Europe pre-dating 1490s  Many populations of Native Americans were decimated by syphilis epidemics in the 1600s Tuskegee Syphilis Study  Made black population fear of genocide  Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) receive funding from Center for Disease Control (CDC) to provide HIV education o Title: RACE (Reducing AIDS through Community Education) o Blacks believe AIDS is genocide  2 things lead to the study o literature of racial different in the natural history of syphilis o depression in 1929  Public Health Service (PHS) won the trust of black leaders into participating then their followers  Was a 40 years study done on over 400 black men only 74 was alive after it was over o PHS tell the patient syphilis is “bad blood”  They have syphilis and was denied treatment in order to understand the progression of the disease  They were not told they carried the disease and lead to spreading of disease to their family  Even when the penicillin was invented, those people still do not have access to it  It ended in 1972 when a reporter John Heller expose the inhumane study  Some nurse and doctors were blacks and they are aware of the disease and situation Etiology Pathogen: Treponema pallidum  spirochete bacteria  No natural or acquired immunity o mother of a child will not pass immunity Transmission  Direct contact with a syphilitic sore, called a chancre o Need to be direct transmission!!!!  If pregnant woman who was not treated will pass the disease to her child Host Risk Factors  Pregnant  Have a partner who has tested positive  Engage in unprotected sexual activity Environmental Risk Factors  Live in areas with high syphilis rates and are sexually active  Members of at-risk populations Clinical Symptoms  the great pretender – can mimic many different diseases  chancres will go away in 3-6 weeks whether it is treated or not  Phillipe Ricord- first to differentiate the different types of syphilis  Primary Stage o Painless chancre lasting 3-6 weeks at site of infection o May be a single or multiple chancres o Chancres will go away regardless of whether treated or not  Secondary stage o Rash – various forms (redish brown, white or gray. Can be on palm or feet) o Fever (similar to flu) o Swollen lymph glands, Sore throat, Patchy hair loss, Headaches, Weight loss, Muscle aches, Fatigue  Infectious on both primary and secondary stage  Latent Stage o When primary and secondary symptoms disappear, those infected with syphilis may enter a latent stage. o No symptoms or signs o Can last for many years or indefinitely (~10 years or forever!) o Still infected with syphilis  Tertiary Stage o IF it progress from latent o Internal organ damage (skin to bone~! Ouch) o Difficulty with muscle coordination o Numbness/Paralysis o Blindness o Dementia o Supa painful Death o 15% will progress from latent to this  Congenital Syphil
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