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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Sandy Romain

HLTA01 Leprosy note 12/02/2013 9:28:00 AM Bacteria: Mycobacterium leprae AKA: Hansen’s disease History  Discovered by: Norewegian microbiologist Dr. Gerhard Armauer Hansen in 1873 o True leprosy is a chronic debilitating and disfiguring infection  Written Historical Accounts: o 1550 BC Egyptian papyrus o 1200 BC Atharvaveda –identify the germ responsible for it  identify a plant that could treat leprosy o 326 BC Greece records the return of Alexander the Great from India/Pakistan  brought back leprosy with his troops  cause of Alexander’s death- malaria o Hippocratic texts provide no evidence that true leprosy existed in ancient Greece, but the word lepra is the origin of the name of the disease  Archeological evidence: 2000BC o In India- found male, in late 30s found to have leprosy  Bone is remodelled  nasal spine was missing  Found infection on the forehead  Miss all but one tooth  The first archaeological evidence for leprosy  Initial causes of leprosy o Recorded in Old Testament of Leviticus  Curse from God  Hereditary  Miasmatic  Infectious  Mystical o In High Middle Ages (AD 1100-1300)  Consider dead to society  Cast to leprosaria or isolation hospital Forms of Stigmatization  Loss of social/civic status and rights o Left unable to remarry  Special clothes o Clothes have to be ripe or torn. Not allow to take care of themselves o Wear different colour  Carry and ring a bell o Ring bell to warn people thy are going  Separate hospitals  Often had to live in colonies o Lazaretto/Lazar House where people with leprosy were cast out to without return o Leprosarium/Leper Colony  Mass Separation o In Kalaupapa Molokai – there are a fin area that was separated by cliff and mountain  First documented case in Hawaii in 1848  1866 first leprosy patients sent to Molokai  People would throw the patient and supplies overboard and they must swim back to the island with the supplies o Saint Damien de Veuster  Father Damien arrived in 1873, aged 33  Tries to humanize the treatment of the disease but caught it  Catholic missionary priest from Belgium  Died in 1889 of leprosy  Live in the leprosy colonies o In Canada: D’arcy Island  1894 to 1924  First case among Chinese railway laborers  D Arcy island Leper Colony  Everyone who went was consider curse  Reserved for Chinese railway  Supply ship every 3 months  food, clothing, opium & coffins  it is an insanity condition and inhumane  - It is close in 1987 The Leper in Medieval Islamic society  exist in the middle ages  first important figure in Arab: Jadhimah al-Abrash or al-Waddah, king of al-Hirah  second important figure: poet: al-Harith ibn Hillizah al-Yashkuri  terminology for Leprosy: judham o meant to mutilate or to cut off  leprosy was view as punishment from god  passage from at-Tabari: al-Walid to segregate lepers o he built the first maristan or hospital in 88/707  Christian established xenodochia-house for the unwanted  Al-Jahiz is the muslim book for diseases and physical infirmities o Mention leprosy twice  Political Figure contacted the disease: Abd al-Aziz the king (lion- sickness)  Cure? In hot spring. E.g Baths of Elijah- to be cleanse  Muslim hospital was hawsh al-qa atilah or enclosure for the diseased, commonly understood to be syphilis and leprosy  Leprosy was common in the coutry side from medieval to moderm times  Qur an does not incriminate the diseased: the blind, lame, sick, and it is permissible for all men to gather and eat together o Separated but not stigmatized  Medieval Europe- leper are bad-temperered and oversexed  Medieval islam- the disease of the soul- entailed both a civil and religious death Epidemiology  Mycobacterium tuberculosis
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