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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease transmission Para sites: org anism that grow s, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different org anism (host) and does not contribute to the survival of its host Viru s: ultim ate micro-paras ite - smaller than bacteria; neither cells nor org anisms; can only reproduce within their host Macro para si tes: composed of many cells; does not multiply in a host, instead it lives certain cyclesstages through transmission stages - eggs and larvae which passes into the external environmen t Tra nsm ission: mo vemen t from a paras ite from host or host (direct or indirect) I ncubation peri od: interval of time required for a development of a disease Latent peri od: seemi ngly inactive period between exposure to an infection and subse quent illness Para site viru lence: capacity of a parasite to cause disease (ability) Zoo notic inf ections: animal infections that can be transmitted to hum ans Main factors that influence the occurre nce of a disease - - Three main factors : host [fa ctors: imm unity, genetics, nutrition] agen t [biological, physical, chemical, psychosoc ial; rat e of growth; persistence] env ironm ent [prom otes exposure] A person develops severe cram ps after drinking from a well located on a
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