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Lecture 2

lecture 2 - "Plagued" film

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Plagued - blue lips - pneum onia - broad spe ctrum of antibiotics - autopsy look ing at cultures, doing spears -- plague pneum onia - plagues only infect humans by accident -- only affect animals - squirrels pets - had a cat that had becom e sick during the week prior to her illness, outside cat - before, cat brought in a dead chipmunk -- cat became ill, nursed cat - cat was sneezing, wheezing, discharge from nose - family reuni on -- did not get the plague - three types of plague - septicemia, bubonic, pneumonic (affects lungs) kills so fast that antibiotics are useless - spr eads as little as a sneeze - epidemics & society -- pathogen has its own life, interconnects in complicated ways with society itself -- plague evolved in rod ents in central Asia - mo re virulent causes disease - traveling (quiet transmission epidemi c) - 1345 - Black Death - buboes 1 in 4 people died, few to care for sick, stench in streets, overpiling, loss, angry, confused - crisis in faith -- blamed strangers (jew s) - death was brou ght by feated air that ros e from the ground - contagion - fear of the outsider came to be reflected in public health mea sures - 40 days -- quaran tine - Mediterran ean trad ing rou tes, transmitting plagues to the west - feudal breakup, towns are centres of refugees [grow ing population of urban poor , desperat ely, o
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