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lecture 2

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

- Hunter-gatherer were relatively healthy, highly tran smission diseases or did not require vectors for tran smission (sexual, direct contact) - Agricultural epidemi cs, mo re commo n - Cities, urban life, domestication of animals more frequent outbreaks Dise ase s of antiquity (5000 BC - 700 AD) -- black death - Fossil records, contested by historians - Prop agated from para sites with long period of tran smission - Occurre d because of person to person contact + zoonotic Phar ao hs plague - Ancient Egypt -- 1900 BC - Agricultural processes along the Nile river - fertile land, inun dationirrigation became commo n prod uced good environment for paras ites to grow - Snthl fever - blood fluke diseaseendemic hematuriaschistosomiasis - 18 century with Europeans, Outbreak of WW 2 400 BC - plague of Athens - Grow ing wine, tran sactions (com mercialization) shipping - Athens & Spart a - war, 27 years - Outcome of the war Athenians blamed losing because infected by plagues - 430 BC Ethiopia Egypt ship by Athens - of Athenians including leader of Athens - Pericles
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