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lecture 3

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

hist ory of Hanse ns dise ase Lepro sy - referre d to in an Egyptian Papyrus document (1550 BC) - in Indian writings (600 BC) - ancient Greece - after Alexander the Great returned from India (320 BC) - Rome (62 BC) - return of Pom peii troop s from Asia Minor - feared and misinterpreted - hereditary illness - curse or punishment by God - Lepers (those infected) were stigma tizedshunn ed - Europ e had to wear special clothing & bell to notify others - had to walk on the other side of the street to opposing - patience treated in separat e hospitals - live in colonies (separated) called lepros ariumslazare ttoleper colonylazar house - first lther house in England 936 AD - mid 12 century - those infected loss civic status and removed from public office - 13th century - 19 000 leper houses in use (a lot of cases) - Mass of Separat ion -- priest would hold a ceremo ny to let them know their responsibilities forbade to enter areas, leave house, had to drink from own utensils, have no contact with others - 1350 AD -- leprosy decreased in huge amounts -- endem ic m ore than epidem ic - Hansen of No
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