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lecture 5

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Syphilis History - 1494 -- King Charles VIII (Fran ce) invaded Italy - outbreak - 1530 Giovanni de Vigo (personal surgeon to Pope Julius II) -- man with an unclean wom an - blue black or sometimes whitish -- rashes, spreads through the body - recurs 1. Introduced to Europe by Christopher Colum bus and his men upon returning from the new world 2. Was endemic in Africa and made its way up to the Mediterran ean - became th widespr ead and by the 16 century -- 25% of Europe was infected - Pamphlet on syphilis - 4 editions -- 1495 - A Fine Treatise on the Origin of the French Evil - Girolam o Frac as Toro (1478 -155 3) - Venetian physician - shepherd boy named Syphilus insulted God and punished with horrible disease Names : morb as gallicus (late 15 thcentury Europe), The French Disease (Italy and Germany), Italian disease (France), Spanish disease (Dutch), Polish disease (Russians), Christian disease (Tu rks), British disease (Ta hiti), Great pox (distinguish from small pox), Lues or Lues verenea (veneral plague), ____ ________ - John Hunter (1728 -1793) -- injected gonorrh oea into body and developed signs of syphilis and established that the two were the same - Philippe Ricord (1799 -18
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