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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Sma llpox History - 10 000 BC; first agricultural settlements in NE Africa and spread to India throu gh Egyptian merchants - skin lesions on mumm ies (1570 -1085 BC) - Egyptian pharaoh Ramses V (died 1156 BC) shows to have died of smallpox th th - Europ e in 5 - 6 century effects of sm allpox - Plague of Antonine - decline of Roma n Emp ire @ 108 AD - fall of Spanish Portuguese population and Aztec empire - decline in native population in North America - biological warf are -- 1754 -1767 French-Indian War -- suggested the deliberate use of sma llpox to diminish the American Indian population - slave trade spr ead the disease Et iology - Orthopoxvirus -- fam ily of Poxviridae -- variola virus (also responsible for monkey pox, cowpox, camelpo, chickenpox, and extremely (m ouse pox)) variola major (more virulent) - mort ality rat e is 3% in vaccinated and 30% in unvaccinated - malignant and hemorrh agic form s develop in ~ 5-10% of infected people -- almost always fatal, 95% mort ality rat e in malignant - hemorrh agic smallpox black pox, with exte nsive bleeding into the skin, mucous membran es, and gastrointestinal trac t variola minor - m
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