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Lecture 9

lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

L0 9 - Malaria hist ory - one of the oldest - continue s to have huge social, economical, and health consequences in many countries - endemi c into cycles or is imp orted from these endemi c areas - earliest records Chinese -- Nei Chang 2700 BC - Hippo cratic corpus was the first docum ent to mention the splenic change in malaria and related to ingestion of stagnant water [large, stiff spleens and hard, thin, hot stomachs, while their shoulders, collarb ones, and faces are emaciated] - miasmatists, belief that the fever recurred during the sickly summe r season -- poisonou s vapours that emanate from the marshes -- bad air - reached Spain and Russia by 12 thcentury, England by 14 th th - 18 century worldwide - brou ght to the new world by European explore rs, colonists, and Africans - Dante [1265 -1321] , Shakespeare [1564 -1616 ] ague - Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran (1845 -1922) -- black-brown malaria pigming and mobile filaments emerging from clear sph erical bodies in the red blood cells of infected blood [exflagellation 1880] - first to identify the malaria paras ite - Koch - 1883 - developed an interest in malaria and the role of the mosquito during his visit to India -- 1898 - Ronald Ross & Patrick Manson - Manson believed that malaria was tran smitted after one drinks dirty water infected with mosquitoes (decaying and breathing of mosqu itoes breathing i
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