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ECOLOGY OF DISEASE: SUMMER 2012 "All interest in disease and death is only another expression of interest in life." Thomas Mann Course name: Ecology of Disease Course Number: EEMB 40 Instructor: John Latto, EEMB. Office hours T & W 11.30-12.20 in 4324 LSB e-mail: [email protected] and by appointment. TA: Andy MacDonald. Office hours: T 10-11 in 2107 Noble Hall e-mail: [email protected]edu Website/Blog: Course Objectives This class is specifically designed to use the inherent interest that many people have in human health and disease to illustrate the tools and methodologies of both ecology and epidemiology. We will cover a broad range of disciplines from history to human health but the underlying theme will be the use of the scientific principles of ecology and epidemiology to study changes in the distribution and abundance of diseases. These changes will be examined both using historical examples and also by examining current disease patterns and predicting changes. The class will cover some simple models and techniques for data analysis but requires no mathematical background. Course readings: Readings for discussion section will include selected chapters from the required text: The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance (Paperback) by Laurie Garrett 768 pages Publisher: Penguin ISBN-10: 0140250913 or ISBN-13: 978-0140250916 List price $20, online (new) $12.70, online (used) $0.01 We will not cover all the chapters in section but to get the most out of the class you are strongly advised to read all the chapters. Course requirements Discussion sections are mandatory and will comprise 25% of your grade. The discussion section grade will be divided between attendance (10 points), participation (5 points) and quizzes (10 points). The TA will explain how these points are allocated in your first discussion section. Exams will be worth 75% of the grade. The midterm is worth 30 points and the Final is worth 45 points. Both exams will be a similar format and will be a combination of short answer questions and multiple choice questions. A sample midterm will be available on the blog. Discussion 25 Midterm 30 Final 45 100 Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Reading (for se
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