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Lecture 6

plagues and people lecture 6 syphilis

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Health Studies
Safieh Moghaddam

Lecture 06Plagues and People Syphilis the great poxHistory Epidemic 1490 and forward 1494 king charles 8 of france invaded italyDuring the same time there was an outbreak in Naples England france and germany the epidemic spread throughout europeAround the same time as the columbian voyages A pamphlet on syphilis was made french evil during the epidemicA book was published by Giovanni de Vigo and described the disease extent of the disease different names of the disease The disease was contagious and they knew it was a STDorigin of the term syphilis was given by Girolamo Fracastoro syphilis sive morbus gallicus 1530 in the epicwrote a poem about a shepard boy named syphilis who insulted a god and was punished with the disease The countries blamed and named syphilis on their enemy country so syphilis was known as the French disease Italian disease Spanish disease polish disease Christian disease and British disease it was also know as The Great Pox Lues Cupids Disease and
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