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Lecture 7

small pox lecture 7

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Health Studies
Safieh Moghaddam

Lecture 7 Small Pox Indiscriminate disease anybody is equally susceptible to get small if they dont have immunity Many different animals have various types of small pox origin 10000 BC NE Africa and spread to India by Egyptian merchants Earliest evidence Pharaoh Ramses the fifth 1156 BC pockmarks died of small pox Small Pox is also mentioned in 1122BC in China and ancient Indian texts th16 century it became an epidemic England and EuropeEFFECTS OF SMALLPOX warPlague of Antonine thFall of the Aztecs and Incas in the 16 century Eastern coast of North America leads to the decline in the natives th18 century FrenchIndian War Captain Ecuyer they personally infected blankets and gave it them to the natives and set off an epidemic among the Indians Etiology of Small PoxA large Virus that can be seen with the eye GenusOrthopoxvirus family PoxviridaeIts common name is Variola Virus There are 2 strains variola major and variola minor
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