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Lecture 9

malaria lecture 9

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Health Studies
Safieh Moghaddam

cWU`a^WS S^ S VV _WS_WZW SZYŶŻŴŴTU S S^ S WVS X`W\[\a S` [Z bW^ ŵŴ`[ŷŴ_WU[ZV__[W[ZWV W_[XS S^ S ŷŴŴ`[ŹŴŴ [ZUS_W_[XS S^ S _aS S[ZY V_ W__`SZŹ WS^_[XSYW S S^ S _SZWZVW U Z[bW^ŵŴŴU[aZ`^ W_ ^WbS WZ` Z^a^S `^[\ US S^WS_W WbS` [ZTW [cŵŴŴŴ S_[V aXS U \S^a`^[\ U_[^W[^`S ` \XS U \S^aSZV\b bS'SUU[aZ`X[^Ź([XUS_W_ S S^ SS^W\[[^ ^W\[^`WV S S^ SZVW U^WS_S^Wc ` Z`^[\ US S^WS_X^ US*_ S* W' U[*[ Z ]aW ^W\aT USZV VV WWS_` [UWUX[^ S S^ Sc ` ZU V^WZ`W UWU_\ WWZWZ S^YWWZ` W[\ Wc[S^WW'\[_WV`[S S^ SS^WS`S [cW^^ _`SZ\^Wb [a_ `[aY` \ VW [ [Y ZSZSVSŵŶ [ [ZYW^WZVW U ZSZSVSTa` __` \[^`WV`^SbW SZV Y^S` [Z /`bS^ W_X^[ WS^`[ WS^ŸŴŴUS_W_[XS S^ S ZSZSVS W\WS[UUa^^WV ZŵŻ ZSZSVSST[a`ŵ*ŴŴŴ S S^ S Z`W2*ŴŴŴUS_W_X[aZVcW^W`W USWX^[ 3 źŶ(X^ US2Ŵ(VWS`_\XS U \S^a 3 ŵ(_ S 3 ŵź(S^ TTWSZ 3 ŷ([`W^ ŸŷXS`S ZXWU` [Z S_[V a Ÿ_\WU X U`[aSZ_ \ S_[V aXS U \S^a Y^ _ÈXS`S S YZSZ`S S^ S \ S_[V ab bS'USZUSa_W^W S\_W \ S_[V a[bS WUSZUSa_W^W S\_W \ S_[V aS S^ SWS [UUa^SZ WS^_SX`W^ ZXWU` [ZŷŴ WS^_ `^SZ_ __ [Z _VaW`[XWS WSZ[\W W__\WU W_[_]a `[`S` _ ZXWU`WV WTSU`W^ a`^SbW _`[`W[_]a `[W_6_S bS^ Y SZV ^SZ_ __ [ZUSZS _[[UUa^`^[aYT [[V`^SZ_Xa_ [ZSZV ZXWU`WVZWWV W_ S S^ SUSZTW_WWZ ZaSZ_SZV[_]a `[W_ ^SZ_ __ [ZXSU`[^_ 3 Z`W^SU` [Z_[X\S^S_ `W_ 3 WZb ^[ZWZ`S XSU`[^_ 3 ZW`_*_\^S _*W`U7 3 VWZ_ ` [XZaTW^[X\W[\ W 3 T^WWV ZYY^[aZVX[^[_]a `[W_ X ^_`_`SYW X\ S_[V aVWbW [\WZ` Z bW^ /`W_US\W_ bW^SZVWZ`W^_T [[V_`^WSSZV ZXWU`WV^WVT [[VUW _SZVa ` \ SZVTa^_``W^WVT [[VUW _SZV ZXWU``WT [[VUW _` _USa_W_SXWbW^
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