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Lecture 9

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Health Studies
Michael Inzlicht

1Lecture 9 Blood Pressure Continued and Lung Mechanics ISee lecture 8 notes for blood pressure regulation1 Lung AnatomyLung mechanics describe the physiological changes in pressures pressure differences lung volumes muscle contraction and air flow that occur during a single breath These can be thought of as the respiratory equivalent of the cardiac cycle There are two lungs a right and a left situated in the chest thoracic cavity and protected by the chest wall They are lobularthe left lung is made up of two lobes a large superior lobe and a small inferior lobe while the right lung is made up of three the previous lobes as well as a middle lobe The left lung has a greater capacity than the right lung and there are slight differences in sizeThe major respiratory muscle in humans is the diaphragm which is a curved thin muscle located under the lungs It separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity below The diaphragm tends to curve slightly upward on the righthand side due to the position of the liver immediately beneath it The consequence of this is that the right lung is about 5 centimeters shorter than the left lung The cardiac notch is a slight indentation in the left lung caused by the position of the heart This makes the left lung slightly narrower than the right lung Overall however the left lung has a greater capacity than the right lung When we look at a topic called ventilationperfusion matching well see that there is also a difference in the efficiency of gas exchange between the bottom of the lungs and the top
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