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Lecture 4

Week 4 Lecture Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 4: Social Factors + health Basic Definitions Social Class - based on level of income (Hierarchy) arrangements of people in society as economic groups Socio-Economic Status societal status using factors or measurements such as income levels; paying rent or not, based on people, communities, factors that show that you are well off or not like income, size of car, size of house (age, unemployment , retirement plans = not factors) Social Causation Hypothesis factors associated with socio-economic status influence on health, link between incomes (poor people end up with poor health) Selection Hypothesis life course perspectives; parental income can lead to better resources, education and better outcomes, what happens when you are younger makes you what you are when you are older (exposure at a young age can lead to illness when you are older). Psychological Stress Response to stress Mediating factors How one copes is very important (impacts psychological factors and how it effects health) Crisis Theory always trying to get back to a happier time in ones life; homeostasis and equilibrium; deals with coping; based on cognitive theory; Appraisal of models of coping 3 Main Factors of Coping Social Support Having friends, family members, and communities that can help you. Social Capital (Community Level) Feeling that you belong within a community.
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