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Lecture 4

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HistoryOccurrence of leprosy has been recorded throughout history Egyptian Papyrus document 1550 BC thth Remained a problem until the 16 and 17 centuryIndian writings 600 BCIn records of Ancient Greece after the army of Alexander the Great returned from India 320 BCIn Rome 62BC with the return of Pompeiis troops from Asia MinorIn Europe dates back 500700 BCMentioned in the Christian bible Thought to have originated from the far east and dates back to 1500 BCSpread to the Mediterranean area and Europe evidence of leprosy in bone dating from 500700 ADSocial implications disease of the souloutcasts in societyOpen sores contributed to the belief that lepers were contagiousbelief that they needed to be ostracised from societyContagion was thought to be present which worried societyMisinterpreted due to the visible sores that existedBelievedto be a hereditary disease or curse by punishment from God believed to be sinnersDeserving of the punishments they got for their sinsLepers were stigmatized special clothing with a bell because people wanted to know about their arrival into society ring the bell so that others would know that they were entering society Lepers were strapped to posts and buried alivelive burials tying to postsSpecial hospitals for lepers leprosariums lazaretto leper colonylazar houseEg Special clothing arrival notification separate hospitals and often had to live in colonies called leposariumslazarettoleper colonylazar houseForcefully placed in these colonies against their willFirst leper house in England in 936 AD19000 leprosariums that were created the peak of the epidemic the epidemic reached its peak th By the mid12 centuryloss civic status removal from public office th 13 century19000 leprosaria in use peak of this epidemicMas of Separation formal rituals that would take the lepers and tell them about the rules of societyForced to move from their homes to the leprosariumsDecline of leprosariums around 1350 ADSpread to North America thth 16 and 17 century was the peak of leprosy in the AmericasFirst case of leprosy in 1823 in Hawaii and the Molokai IslandThe American National Leprosarium was established in Louisiana in 1917 Patients were not allowed to marry until 1952 in 1957 the people kept in the American National leprosarium were set freeHad to forfeit all the rights of society in order to be placed in leprosariumMASS OF SEPERATIONForbidden to enter a church monastery fair a mill a marked or an assembly of peopleCould only leave house if they wore leper clothingso they could be recognizedCould only use wells if they had their own buckets barrel
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