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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

SyphilisGreat Pox Cupids disease The Black Lion LuesHistory aka Other terms Morbus gallicus FrenchItalianSpanishPolishChristianBritishCupids Disease Great Pox lues venerea The Black Lion The evil pox Grandgore in Scotlandrelated to who was discriminated symptoms associated w discrimination vs marginalized society eg poor uneducated immigrants diff sexual orientation 1494 Naples invasion King Charles VIII of France invades Italy at same time outbreak of new epidemic in Naples Following yr mysterious affliction threported in England France Germany rest of EuropeWorldThis time 15 C coincides wColombus return from New World to Europe call it Naples disease Neapolitans call it French diseaseDebate Columbus voyage or Naples Invasion Giovanni de Vigo wrote Pamphlet of syphilis A Fine Treatise on the Origin of the French Evil Syphilis 1530Girolamo Fracastoros Venetian Dr poem Syphilis sive morbus gallicus shepherd Syphilis cursed God punished wdiseaseFamous ppl who got tertiary syphilis that led to insanityHenry VII Hitler Lincoln etc HippocratesGalen made no mention so apparently no presence in ancient Greece or Roman Empire NoteSTDs formerly known as venereal disease VDnamed after Venus Goddess of Love Theories undecided 258260 265266 kiple 20002007From Columbus voyage or Invasion of Naples 1 Colombian Theory Introd to Europe from New World Evidence records bone lesions skeletal remains fr Americas pattern of spread 2 PreColombianAnti Colombian Theorybased on Treponema family Unitarian vs nonUnitarian theoryUnitarian phenotypically same small genetic differencesAll come from one treponeme and wud change dep on environment vsNonUnitarianrelated strains occurred bc of successive mutations eg15 000BC Africa pinta mutatedyawsendemic syphilis not stdvenereal thsyphilis std 1500s 15 c mutation made it really virulent in Europe AfricaMediterranean EuropeEvidence Many Native Americans decimated thby syphilis in 16 C after European arrival Modern Historywhat we base our knowledge on John Hunter 17281793Founder of Scientific Surgery a confused man undertook flawed selfexperimentation injected himself w wet gonorrhoea form Dvlped signs of syphilis concluded two infections wetdry were the sameWRONG Eventually died of heart problem tertiary syphilis confused about venereal syphilis dry and gonorrhoea wetPhilippe Ricord 17991889 demonstrated that gonorrhoeasyphilis were different diseases Determined 3 stages of syphilis primsectertiary Rudolph Virchow 18211902 established that syphilis was spread via blood 1905 ShaudinnHoffman discovers germ agent spiralshaped bact spirochete Treponeme pallidum corkscrewthreadpale 2 main perspective studies to learn natural history of Syphilis Oslo
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