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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Tuberculosis The White PlaguePeoples Plague History TB since Antiquity Egyptian mummies 2400BC aka Phthisispulmonary tb to waste or consumptionHomer 800BC460BC Hippocratesdue to evil air not contagious 384322BC Aristotledue to badheavy breath 130200AD Galens Theory of Contagion of phthisis accepted documented in Egypt 5000 ya India3300yaChina 2300 yatypical skeletal abnormalities Potts deformities in animals onlyprehistoric times 80004000 BC til lifestyle changed Epidemics likely from changes in host popenvironment not really change in agent Kings Evil or Royal Touchingclaims of royal supernatural powers to heal scrofula lymph TB during Middle Ages 5001500AD England th1546Fracastorius describes modern Theory of Contagion phthisis from germ in lung 1626Consumption leading cause of death in London 1718 C at its peak 1679Franciscus Sylvius discovers lung nodules small knots in lungs tubercles germ infects lungs1720Benjamin Marten speculates TB may be communicable 11 th19 centuryTBrest of EuropeNAmerica by 19001839term Tuberculosis first usedthMid 19 CTB romanticized erotic sexual symptoms welcomed ie thinness palor beauty long necks shiny eyes red cheeks eg operasnovel La Traviata La Boheme Camille 1854 Dr BrehmerDoctoral dissertation TB is curable sanatoriums Davos Switzerland Trieste Italy via isolation nutrition rest air 1865 or 54Jean Antoine Villeminspecific microorganism as cause breaking pointmiasmas contaminated air vs Contagion transmissive microorganism 1880sLaennec ontological theory that all tb phenomena single diseasecause 1882Dr Robert Koch discovered tubercle bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis causing agent1890 discovered tuberculin PPDpurified protein derivativeDeveloped tuberculin test what we use today for TB skin testDiagnostic test instead of a cure1895Wilhelm Konrad von Rontgenuses radiation lung Xraycomplements Tuberculin testEtiology CauseTB caused by microbes called mycobacteria Agent tubercle bacillus germ Mycobacterium tuberculosisacidfast bacillus rod shaped doesnt decolorize in certain dyesKochErlich grows where oxygenrich specific to humans pplppl via droplets fr salivamucus p
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