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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 8: King Cholera AKA: King Cholera by England Type: Water or food borne disease, sewage disease History: the finding of germ theory, microscopes, salt water therapy, rehydration (Latta), results in sanitary reforms and improvement of health systems, has also used to scapegoat those suspected of being carriers, 7 pandemics still occurring today Symptoms: causes severe diarrhea producing “rice water” stools, vomiting, convulsions, muscle cramps, but little abdominal pain, leads to loss of water and electrolytes but not protein, radical dehydration, ruptured capillaries causing them to be black and blue Death: rice water stools, severe dehydration in less than 10%, sometimes within hours Transmission: people with O type blood, low stomach acidity are more susceptible, ingesting or bathing in cholera virus (ORT) – glucose, NaCl, K and lactate, food based ORT – using starches and proteins instead of glucose, and antibiotics to reduce severity Vaccines: partial immunity can be acquired from previous infections Control/prevention: sanitation, proper disposal of wastes, water purify, surveillance th Genus: Vibrio Cholera, gram negative, comma shaped bacillus (Koch during 5 epidemic 1882) - Has two viruses within it, one that codes for cholera toxin, the other codes for the receptor which allows the toxin coding to enter bacterium - Bacteria can go dormant and enter spore-like cell when reproduction is not favourable, next epidemic boom may come from phytoplankton triggered by global warming Miasmatists vs. Contagionists - Pettenkofer – mapped victims and - John snow – mapped out victims and concluded soil and air react concluded water from pump - Drank a vial of bacteria, but already - Pasteu
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