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Health Studies
Denis Maxwell

HLTC02 WINTER 2013 Lecture #5– Women and Health Interviews Possible examples:  HealthyWoman Using Health CareSystem  Woman living withachronichealthcondition  Currentor formerhealthactivist  Currentor formerprovidersofhealthservices Interview Project –ResearchEthics  InformedConsentfreelygiven o Look attheir mentalcapacity,be mindfulofpowerrelations  PrivacyandConfidentialityofparticipants o Respectfor participant’spreferences o Informedconsentincludesunderstandingsofhow researchwillbe used o Attention how dataisstoredandshared o Anonymizedwhere requested o Allfilesarepassword-protected  MinimalRisktoParticipants“probabilityandmagnitude ofharmdue toparticipation in theresearchisnogreater than that encounteredbyparticipants in theireverydaylives” o Appropriate andrespectfulcommunication active listening,allowing for silences o Researcher awarenessofpossibilityof participantdistressor embarrassment when recountingpastexperiencesofillness/healthcare o Where participantdistressed,offertoendinterview or move tonew topic o In casesofthreatenedsuicide orselfharm,be preparedtotakefollow up action  ConsentForm –one copyfor you,one copyfor the participant,andone copyfor professor UniversalQuestions  Meaning ofhealth/illness  Experiencesofhealthcare  Socialcontextofexperiences  Significance ofsubjectivity,gender,ethnicity,sexualorientation,immigrantstatus LogicalProgression in interview guides  Fromgeneraltospecific  Chronology–distantpast–recentpast–present/future  Fromlesspersonal/sensitive tomorepersonal/sensitive For NextWeek  Finalizedecision aboutinvitedparticipantandtopic  Review interview guidestemplates  Tailor appropriateguide toyourplannedinterview  Bring your tailoredguide toclasstodiscusswith apeer  Prepare dramatispersonafor practice interview GeneralNoteson Readings HLTC02 WINTER 2013  Genderrelationsmustbe understoodin localcontext,butalsoasshapedbytranslocal andglobaldynamics(THINK GLOBAL,ACTLOCAL)  Mostwomen in SSAgetinfectedbySTI bytheir maritalhusbands,their husbands  Men’sinfidelityisahealthissue aswomen are notable tonegotiate condomuseand other harmreduction practicestoreduce thechance ofSTI in maritalrelationsasitis seen aseitheran insulton the man’smasculinity,fidelityor in some casesisseen as evidence ofwomen’sinfidelity  Violence againstwomen –women’sparticipation in militaryisan occupationalhazard ofPTSD  Patriarchalsocietiessuchastheone’sdescribedin Kerala,Indiadetrimentalimpact women’sfeelingsofsafety,autonomyandagency Article–MicrocreditandViolence in Kerala,India  PresidentBandaspokeofwomen empowermentandhealthandmaking thelink between economicpowers.  Kumaripaper givesahelpfuloverview ofthegenderedeconomic  She problematizes –whatchance dopoorwomen have tocompete with transnational corporations  Discussestherise ofNGOsbeing service providersthatwere previouslythe mandate of thestate (examples:education,health,microcredit,jobtraining)  Kumarilooksatthecomplex relationship between microcreditandviolence against women anddiscusses - ethnographic Article–NigeriaModern Marriage –Love,Marriage,HIV/AIDS  Discusses the way in which infidelity is promoted by men to perform their masculinity tod
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