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Lecture 2

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Epidemiology and Womens Health Issues 1162012 80800 AM y Defining Health The Medical Definition normal physical state the state of being whole and freefrom physical and mental disease or pain so that the parts of the body can carry on their proper function Epidemiology and Health Issues Epidemiology y Identify unique casual effects of single variables on health outcomes primarily by quantitative data collection and analytical procedures y Focus on what can be observed and measured or phenomena that can be quantifiedy Blood pressure or sugar is something you can measure and find a score for normal level or not so they are interested in this These factors help professionals Its a quantitative approach It is highly medicalizedy Focus on the etiology of disease or the causesdeterminant of disease y Key Epidemiological Terms Incidence the rate of a condition with a population y Morbidity incidence of new cases of an illness in a population y Mortality ratio of total deaths to total population in a specified community or area over a specified period of time y Prevalence proportion of individuals in a population with diseaseEpidemiology and Health y Ultimate positivist discipline or informed by positivist research paradigm y Positivism research paradigm concerned with rational and linear concepts y Essential beliefs on Positivism y Belief that objective knowledge about the world can be acquired through direct sense experience y Phenomena that cannot be observed either directly through experience or observation are excluded from what is considered by positivists to be credible knowledgey Valuefree investigation of scientific and social phenomena Methods in Epidemiological Research Observational ecological studies studies conducted at a population level as opposed to individual level y Cohort studies individuals are followed through time to monitor the natural history of a disease to observe prognosis in relation to treatment or to investigate aetiology o Eg Tuskegee study which was continued with the study even after cure was found
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