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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Lecture notes for feb 7 HLTCO2Human rights y Refer to political and civil rights y Right to life y Freedom of opinion y Fair trial y Protection from torture and violence y Economic social and cultural rightsie Rights to work social protection adequate standard of living y Highest possible standards of psychical and mental health education enjoyment of benefits of cultural freedom and scientific progressHuman rights approaches y Inserting health in a justice framework of health and equity Ruiuxx 2006 y Concern with issues of equity and human rights bravemnan and Gruskin 20030 y Strengthens role of public health in fostering condition and opportunities for health and linkages between poverty and healthy Highlights responsibility of government to protect human rights Health equity y Achieving equalities in health outcomes between groups in society Human rights principles y Universal inference y Inalienability y Inherent self worth of each individualy Autonomy and self determistion y Equality for ally Preservation of freedom of individual through social supportStrong linkages between health and human rights y Womens dependency on men y Women at higher risk for not having their rights recognizedElements of the right to healthy The right to health is an inclusive right y The right to health contains freedoms y The right to health contains entitlements y Health services goods and facilities must be provided to all without any discrimination
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