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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Gender Race and Public Policies 2272012 80800 AM Gender Inequalitiesy Gender and Race Social constructs y Socially produced categories that enable society to make sense of the world Gender Inequalities in Health y Practices conditions public health disadvantage to these groups Sex and Gender Influence Health and Health Care Needs y Sexspecific conditions eg reproduction menopause screening for cancers specific to women cancers specific to men prostate and testicular cancers y Health conditions prevalent among women eg breast cancer eating disorders depression HIVAIDS in men y Sexneutral diseases or conditionsheart disease diabetes y Womens gendered rolescaregiving sexsegregation of labor force participation in general and in health care demands of womens care giving responsibilities womens average lower wages etc y Gender stereotypes in health care system may adversely affect womens health and lead to differential treatment y Overmedicalization of normal aspects of womens lives eg pregnancy and childbirth menopause bone density loss Canadian Womens Health Network y During unprotected intercourse with an infected partner women are 2 times morey Depression is 23 times more common in women than in men in part because womens brains make less of the hormone serotonin Health SciText y More research is needed on gender differences related to heart disease and women need to be more aware of the potential signs of heart attack Women and Cardiovascular Disease y Study on CVD in Somali women in diaspora y Migration to Kenya and Yemen y Highest portion of asylum seekers in UK and US y Diaspora transnational movement and common historical context of replacement y Method Literature review on CVD in Somali women CVD Stressors associated with immigration y Healthier than populations in host countries y Health may be impaired by displacement famine andor civil war y Increasing incidence of hypertension hypercholesterolemia diabetes
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