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Lecture 8

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Disability and Health352012 80600 AM Overview y Social constructiony Social exclusion y Four perspective y Biomedical y Functional y Environment y Human rightsoutcome Social Exclusion Groups who experience a form of social exclusion tend to have high health risks and flower health status y Aboriginal peoples y Immigrants and refugees y Racialized groups y People with disabilities y Single parents y Children and youth in disadvantaged conditions y Women y Elderly y Unpaid caregivers y Gays lesbians bisexuals and transgendered populationsy Forcing women wearing hijab to make a choice between sport and religious belief They lifted this down in Europe when playing soccer called football y This is a form of social exclusion telling people what to wear y Said its a safety hazard y Saying you have to do this we will accept you if you do this y Social and economic rights and barring women from participating due to cultural or religious aspecty Difference that is not accepted in Canadian societyy Wasnt just an insult it was an insult to their body which stays with them for the rest of their lives Social Exclusion y Refers to structures and processes of inequality among groups in society which shape access to resources that influence quality to membership in society and result in unequal outcomesy Intensifies differences between groups
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