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Women in Welfare States 3122012 60700 AM as a capitalist society in which the state has intervened in the form of social policies programs standards and regulations in order to mitigate class conflict and to provide for answer or accommodate certain social needs for which the capitalist mode of production in itself has no solution or makes no provision Ranking of Welfare State by Political EconomyEspingAndersens Welfare Sate RegimesPolitical economy perspectiveApproach toward each dimension reflects the dominant ideology ie liberal social democratic conservativeEspingAndersens Typology Welfare Sate ISocial Democratic eg Sweden Norway Denmark FinlandLiberal UK USA Canada AustraliaConservative Germany France Italy Portugal welfare statesEspingAndersens Typology of Welfare Sate II Liberal Welfare States Meanstested assistance modest universal transfer and modest socialinsurance plansLimits welfare benefits since it is believed generous benefits lead to a preference for welfare dependency rather than gainful employmentPeople would rather have a lowpaying job than accept social assistance The people that are on it have no choicePeople must be destitute cannot have savingsLess keen on universal programs weather at subsistence levelLiberal view want to discourage people from being reliant on They say economic growth will take care of people and they will be fineEmphasis on liberal view on the market RESIDUAL COMMODIFICATION some social provision by state by more reliant on market rely on income to get goods and services they need AngloSaxon Liberal RegimesLowest health care expenditures and the lowest coverage by public medical careGreater incidence of low wage earning higher income inequalities and the highest poverty ratesGreatest proportion of income derived from capital investment rather than wagesLowest improvement rates in infant mortality rates from 1960 to 1996Invest on stocks and earn income which is unearned incomeWhen theres low state provision it affects the poor and modest population Liberal welfare states scored low on health care and life expectancy
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