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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTC02 Lecture 1 Jan 09 2012 Definition of Health What is HealthWhat do you think health is Not just absence of disease and illness but physical mental emotional state of wellbeingWhat determines whether women are healthy or sick Being able to do daily functions social support social status access to resources SESWhat should women do to support their healthWhat should governments do to maintain the health of Canadians in general and Canadian women in particularThe view of health that is adopted within a jurisdiction or by an agency will strongly influence the organization and delivery of health care services and the manner in which health policy is defined and implementedWhat are the dominant views of health and womens healthBiomedical approach hierarchical as health physician diagnoses the illness or disease and then recommends treatment for it Emphasis is on the physical This is an individualized health approach and involves medical interventions Behavioral LifestylePublic Health approach includes physiological risk factors such as blood pressure cholesterol levels that could be maintained through prevention or change of risk behaviors such as alcohol consumption or unhealthy diet The health physician oversees the change but this method is not as reliable Principal strategies include health education public health departments exercise people no alcohol consumption and publishing in newspapers such as talking about obesity in the New York Times How obesity is a risk factor for Type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases Most of the at risk groups are the target groupsHow do the media government and in other domains define womens healthFOUR main concepts of health1 Medical TraditionalBiomedicalabsence of illnessHealth concept biomedical absence of disease andor disabilityLeading Health problems defined in terms of disease categories and physiological risk factorsPrincipal strategies surgical interventions drug and other therapiesTarget high risk individuals General approach individualizedActors physicians nurses allied health professions2 Behavioral Lifestyle Public Healthdiet activity tobacco and alcohol use etc Risk behaviorsHealth concept individualized health as energy functional ability diseasepreventing lifestylesLeading health problemsdefined in terms of behavioral risk factorsPrincipal strategies health education social marketing
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