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Lecture 12

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Lecture 12 Womens Health IssuesHIVAIDS and Breast CancerOverviewHIVAIDS and WomenBreast CancerMoving Forward on Womens HealthRaimondo 2007 Women and HIVAIDSGendered social construction of HIVAIDSInvisibilityvisibility of womenVulnerability gender differences o Fear of certain groups Haiti Asia if they become in contact with these people they become infected o Visibility has to do with social stratification class sexual orientation o Gender neutral Research carried with male samples and assumed everything is the same for women o Research and treatment on AIDS began in 1980s Hard for women to have access to drugs to prolong lives They are denied treatment because men can meet these viral loads but women cant and treatment doesnt have an impact by then o Women are visible in many ways caregivers for those that develop AIDS called helpless victims of AIDS not their fault they just got it o Said to be disease of gay men Women are vulnerable because of this since it is seen as gay mens disease There is an image of women seen as helpless victimsGendered Social Constructions of AIDSAIDS and identity politicsgay male diseasePathologizing concepts of deviance
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