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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTC02H3 Women and Health Past and PresentWinter 2012LEC01 LEC02Lecture 2 OutlineSociological Approaches to Womens HealthAssignment chapter 5 May need to read it a few times Gender diversity Further reserahc Intro Paper Gender analysis Diversity analysis Employment as determination of womens healthCirticissm of tradiontal epidemiological approaches primarily concerned with bioogy Equates sex and gender Sex is biology gender is a social construction Biology doesnt consider the experience es of womens lives Exclusively focused on biology or physiology Traditional Deconsextualize Dont take into account broader contwext of womens lives Depoliticize as well For years it was only men in the smaples of studies It donest necwessialry apply however They respond idffernetly But there are differences between men and women and differences between groups of women as well What are appropriate responses Womens health is not just about biology buth te social factors as well What happens to women girls and women Abuse violence pregnancy Specific types of cancers Primary caregivers Occupational health hazard Womenled families Poverty Unequal sharing of house work Mostly in administrative positions Nursingclerical work Teaching High stress low control low pay no benefits Earn less than men 66 of mens earnings Wage gapPassive Emotional Irrational Presdcribed anti depressnats highly addictive may not work just dangerous overallWhat happens to men Independence Power Caring nurturing Risk takers Authority Logical rational Protectors strongWe need to look beyond Beyond the concrete and observable nature of epidemoogy epidemiology is concwerend with the medical approach ILifeCourse ApproachaLife courselife span research approachiAge and stages of roles and experiences of women and girlsiiDiverse influences on girls and womens healthiiiCauses themes and patterns on all age groups ivCritical periods of the life course
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